Dj na wesele – Zakopane

Mood alchemist– so for short my work as a DJ at the wedding can be described. I primarily care about the positive atmosphere among the guests, which is quickly reflected by the number of people dancing on the dance floor.

DJ for the wedding prepare an energetic mixture of sounds, among which everyone can find favorite songs. I know exactly when to accelerate and when to slow down. It makes everyone leaving the floor after wedding feel tired but happy.
I frequently lead weddings not only in Zakopane, but also in the whole Poland. Music for all types of events is the most important, that is why on your stage you should have a real professional.

I fulfill the wishes of the Bride and Groom about the program, but I also suggest on my own the most proven and immortal songs. I also provide new and up-to-date songs that will sound as best as possible on the dance floor.

I will be happy to visit Zakopane offering a perfect atmosphere and ceremonies at a very high level. DJ for the wedding will perfectly replace the orchestra, so you can hear perfectly the original songs on your wedding. I try to make music connect generations in a common fun until dawn.
Please feel free to contact. As a professional DJ I will send you a personalized offer. I suggest favorable prices competing with the standard proposal of classic wedding bands. In addition, I assure leading your wedding and wedding after-party at a high level.

  • DJ na wesele Zakopane
  • DJ na wesele Zakopane
  • DJ na wesele Zakopane
  • DJ na wesele Zakopane
  • DJ na wesele Zakopane
  • DJ na wesele Zakopane
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